Why the Eyes?

The eyes matter the most because they are the focal point of the face.They are where prehistoric humans evolved to look first to assess whether the stranger in front of them was a risk, a potential friend, or a possible romantic partner. They are the cornerstone of human connection, why we are all taught that proper manners involve “good eye contact,” and why the earliest and smallest signs of facial aging around the eyes are noticeable to everyone.So it’s no surprise that rejuvenation of the eyes is the most common reason patients come to my cosmetic surgery practice. 

Piasecki MD

 Their appearance is literally so important that nearly 200,000 women (and men) every year in the US alone, choose to undergo surgery to make them look better.The cosmetic surgery industry is an 8 billion industry and grows at a 115% rate every year. Why?Because the human brain is wired to see signs of aging as irrelevant, unworthy and expendable.But we know inside that’s wrong.In the last 200 years, we have tripled our life expectancy - a reality that has pushed the critical period to find a spouse, have children, establish a career well into what our caveman ancestors would consider senior citizenship.Nature’s normal effect on how we look in the mirror doesn’t match our self-worth, relevance, attractiveness - and as we advance medicine and technology further, this distance between what we see in the mirror, and who we are inside is only going to get wider. 

The Breakdown

To make matters worse, in the current digital age, with a smart phone in every hand, whether we like it or not, we are often judged by a profile picture or selfie long before we are able to show our personality.Today, in 2018, how we look matters more for our lives than ever before.As a double board certified plastic surgeon I can tell you we can legitimately make it look like we’ve turned back time. But if you’re like most people, you can’t access this due to the cost of $10,000 or more, need for 2 weeks of hibernating downtime for healing, and that doesn’t even account for the fear of permanent complications. 

Given all of that, many decide that the degree of aging that they see around their eyes isn’t bad enough to justify surgery, but in their heart of hearts feel not just a want, but a need to make it look better.And this is where 

Everlift fits in. I’ve developed a technology that takes 10 years of aging off in only 5-10 minutes.I was inspired to invent this based on a patient of mine, Julie. She’s a 38 year old mom of three, running the chaos of a household, soccer and baseball schedules on weekends and trying to make ends meet for her family. Part stress, part sleep deprivation and part genetics, she started developing slight bulging bags under her eyes. And it started slowly to create chaos in her life. You see, even though our bodies do differ in some ways, because our faces are the one truly unique part of our physical selves, the human race has evolved to look there to determine who we are. 

 The first imprint a baby makes is to mom’s face; it’s how we differentiate ourselves from others; our loved ones from strangers; and how we see ourselves.For Julie, the simple fact that who she saw in the mirror didn’t match who she was inside created “self second guessing” that created some distance with her husband regarding intimacy and spread to her relationship with her kids and her friends.By the time she walked into my office, she was on the verge of divorce, resentful of how her kids’ schedules had taken away any time for her, and had lost a sense of thrill and excitement about life in general.“I know all that anyone sees when they look at me is my mom. I feel worthless, helpless. And I know it’s only going to get worse. I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it just plain does.” she said to me in tears.To add to her dismay, she was caught in what I tell patients is the “Eyelid Bag Deformity Donut Hole” which means they have early bags, but the degree to which surgery would improve things probably doesn’t justify the cost and risk. What’s more, even if I waived the surgery fee, the facility fees and anesthesiology costs were still too expensive for her. And Botox and Fillers simply don’t help eyelid bags.As a surgeon – born, trained and committed to help - I felt helpless too. Because I couldn’t help her. Julie wasn’t the first patient I had seen in this cosmetic “donut hole” but the depths of her frustration and sincerity of her tears made me commit to myself she would be the last.So I started working. That was 18 months ago. I had plastic surgeons tell me I was an idiot and that I should just stick to the scalpel and operate on patients like Julie. I had chemists tell me what I was trying to do was impossible. I had 47 prototypes that didn’t work and made them seem right. But what do we do when we fall down? We get back up. 

 By hitting singles (instead of swinging for the fences), each and every day, we get up the mountain. And that’s what happened.Everlift is just like the anti-aging creams for the eyes that most women use. It comes in a little container, is applied with a finger to the lower eyelid area, and is allowed to dry. But, unlike other anti-aging eye creams, what’s happening chemically is a game changer.Because I came at this from the perspective of a plastic surgeon, I knew that there are three features of the lower eyelids that makes them look older – eyelid bags, dark circles and wrinkles/crepe skin.So I designed three separate mechanisms into this product that makes each of these problem areas look better. As a result, unlike traditional anti-aging creams that show small results after months of use, Everlift produces results now.In clinical trials, 5-10 minutes after it was put on, facial recognition software mistakenly guessed the subjects’ facial age at 10 years younger than they actually were. 

This effect lasts 4-6 hours, can be repeated as many times as desired, and results were improved with daily use. The studies also showed similar results when used on other wrinkles like the “elevens” between the eyebrows, the nasolabial folds and lips.The commitment of our brand is to help faces actually show the real person inside - with the least amount of risk. It’s why I’m a plastic surgeon. It’s why I travel to the Third World to fix cleft lips and palates for free. And it’s why I invented Everlift.Highest Performance. Lowest Maintenance.Because you have a world in front of you waiting for you to make your unique difference in it.But it all starts with how you see yourself. Not until we make ourselves whole, can we optimally connect with our spouses; our children; our communities and then the world.I’m happy to see you on my OR table. But I’d rather you get results without my scalpel.Everlift is quicker, and we both have a world to change.