Our Story

From humanitarian missions in Ecuador, training with Navy Seals and making his rounds on TV, Dr. Piasecki has one mission: Change how you see yourself so you can change the world.

My Mission

Because I come at this from the perspective of a plastic surgeon, I know what the skin care industry doesn’t – that the what makes a face look beautiful and youthful isn’t just the skin surface – it’s REGIONS – the EYES, the MIDFACE (nose, lips) and FRAME (forehead, cheeks, jawline, neck). I designed Everlift with these things in mind. Whether you are looking for instant results or long-term benefits, each of our products was developed with the most cutting edge, medical grade ingredients available to maximize the appearance of each of these areas of the face – because the face is made up of a lot more than just the skin. Each product will produce stand alone, targeted results but when used as a full skincare routine, will leave your face looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

It’s simple. Highest Performance. Lowest Maintenance.

Because you have a world in front of you waiting for you to make your unique difference in it. But it all starts with how you see yourself. Not until we make ourselves whole can we optimally connect with our spouses, our children, our communities and then the world.I’m happy to see you in my Operating Room. But I’d rather you get results without my scalpel.

Everlift™ - because we both have a world to change.  

Dr. Piasecki

Experience, not marketing

Dr. Justin Piasecki is a world-renowned facial surgeon specializing in skin cancer prevention, treatment and plastic surgery, and is always at the forefront of innovation. Piasecki pioneered one of the most advanced skin cancer treatments that exist today by combining the leading skin cancer removal technique (Mohs surgery) with cosmetic reconstructive surgery. He is the only doctor in the world double board certified in Plastic Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery and also fellowship trained in Mohs Surgery.

His extensive training from Stanford University and Vanderbilt Medical School (impressively in biology, organic chemistry and physiology), along with years of hard work, set Dr. Piasecki up for mastery as a physician and surgeon.

About Everlift™

Developing cutting edge skincare products was a natural progression in Dr Piasecki’s career. He gained personal satisfaction from combining his biology, skin cancer and cosmetic surgery backgrounds to advance knowledge in skincare.

Following a tragic accident in 2012, Dr. Piasecki and his wife, Jill, turned his personal skincare development project into an opportunity to give back to their local community. He fell from a ledge 20 ft high, landing head first on concrete. Miraculously, he fully recovered with no permanent disability. came away unscathed. He saw this as his wake up call to devote his life to giving back. 

Dr. Piasecki has been featured on national television shows Dr. Oz, The Doctors and Hallmark’s Home and Family, as well as in numerous print and on-line publications including USA Today and Oprah.com. He was voted one of “The Most Beautiful Doctors in America”.

An avid athlete and outdoorsman, Dr. Piasecki believes that looking good starts with feeling good from the inside out, and whole body health is key. At Stanford University, Dr. Piasecki competed on the swim team enduring rigorous training sessions designed for elite athletes. After graduation, he joined the US National Sprint Kayaking Team where he reached #4 in the world, winning gold medals at the Pan American Games, World Cup and the US National Championships. Today, he maintains his competitive spirit and healthy lifestyle by running to work, lifting weights, kayaking and spending time with his family outdoors in his hometown of Gig Harbor, Washington.